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Relationships and dating have changed. We are all aware of this. It used to be a simple cycle: you liked somebody, you were typically shy, and eventually you would let them know how you feel … or choose not to. If you both shared those feelings, and wanted to be together in some capacity, you would wander down the path of having a relationship. That was the game where everybody knew the rules.

Today, it is different. In today’s world, we are all playing a game with a lot of ambiguity that boils down to: whoever cares the least wins.

It seems today, more than ever before, that showing affection and being vulnerable in a relationship is associated with insecurity and clinginess. Even after you have gone on numerous dates with a person, and maybe even had some sleepovers, it is still uncommon to have an honest conversation about how your feelings toward each other. And don’t even think about telling someone you love them. Sharing real honest feeling?! *gasp* That will likely scare them and make them run away. People are more afraid of commitment than they are of death it seems.

Giving flowers, or even hand-written notes (yes, those still exist somewhere) and showing signs of love and affection are now viewed signs of weakness. We are going through a relationship evolution of doing anything possible to avoid vulnerability.  In our world of filters and selfies and selective personal marketing, we are terrified of being seen as anything less than perfect.

But, part of how we connect as humans is through experiencing growing pains together. It is about sharing stories, and feelings, and insecurities. It is about caring about someone and trusting the person enough be vulnerable.

With the new trends of empty communication, and emotionless conversations, it is no wonder the dating population is frustrated.



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