My high school sweetheart dropped out of my life

So I met Derek when I was 17 and he was 16. He went to a different school but swam for my high school. I was a manager for the men’s team and we started dating right after the season ended. We dated all the way through college. He dropped out of college for me and moved to Michigan to become a tow truck driver. We broke up in early 2015. Things were great when we were together in Los Angeles. We spent nearly all our time together and didn’t have any major issues.  I did see one or two

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Best Friends to Marriage to Divorce

When I was 15 years old, I met my future ex-husband. We became friends in high school and for over 5 years, he always playfully accused me of friend-zoning him. Eventually, I realized that I did have feelings for my best friend and we started to date. After a couple months, he decided that he was going to join the army so he dumped me and left for basic training. When he got back from basic training, he decided that he wanted to be with me again and so we began to date once more. After a few months, I

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We were never really head over heels, just practical

We were high school sweethearts and he was my first serious relationship. We were friends initially and he kept asking me out until I finally agreed. We hardly ever fought. He was a great guy, very intelligent. After about 9 years we got married because it seemed to make sense financially. We were never really the head over heels type. Our relationship was very practical. I was never super attracted to him on a superficial level. People would comment that oftentimes we just seemed more like roommates and for a lot of that, that seemed true. He had graduated law

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