Too Many Red Flags, But I am Stronger Now

Trigger Warning Animal Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse × Dismiss alert The man I met in college was supposed to be the man of my future happiness but I was wrong. In the first that we were dating, he was an amazing man. He cared deeply for everything I needed and was very spontaneous and romantic. I was constantly swept off my feet. After the year had past we decided to move in together which was exciting and incredible. We worked as a team to make our place our home. He eventually got me a dog that I adored

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The Nxt Chapter_rod long

I Came to Earth for the Experiences

I was born in 1948, a front edge baby boomer, a product of location, times, religion, and multi-level abuse.  I’m 2nd oldest of 7 with oldest child responsibilities due to the actual oldest having handicaps.  I wasn’t allowed to date, no friends, worked away from home since age 11, not allowed to own any of my pay. My goals in life were to serve out my prison sentence of a childhood and to continue growing in service to God.  Educated in private Catholic school to become a translator for the UN, although no one actually ever considered my own interests

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One Text Shaped My Whole Life

We met freshman year of high school. She was way out of my league and I never dreamed she would give me the time of day. She initially dated my friend which lead to us talking and texting. Then one day she just texted me that she loved me randomly. I was shocked and over the moon about it. Her and my friend were never serious and I don’t think they even kissed so I didn’t feel too bad. She broke up with him and we started dating. In the beginning like so many that fall in love we were

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My Transition to an Open Relationship

My idea of a relationship was what most people thought it was and “supposed” to be. One man and one woman, committed to one another without any infidelity or thoughts there of. I’ve had several girlfriends as a child, but as a teen and young adult, to adulthood there weren’t many. Ever since I was young it was always that one on one relationship with my partner, and I never even considered anything else. It wasn’t until I was older, approximately 22 years of age that I started to question the ideology of our social norms pertaining to relationships. This epiphany hit

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Send Them Away With Love

Time tells many stories, with multiple scenarios, but only one outcome for this hopeless romantic. I could never get enough of her. The way she filled my soul with positivity, the way she smelled after cuddling all night, that look she got when she caught me staring at her in a daze of love, even the way she argued… I never felt more comfortable with myself, than when I was with her. She baked with such passion that every bite had you begging for more, even when you were about to burst. I was and still am in love, but

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I remember every moment that made me fall in love with the man who one day would destroy my ease to love freely.

I met the man of my dreams when I was 20 years old, working at a casino as a barista. He was the epitome of tall, dark(tan) and handsome. It was love at first sight. He worked there too, at the steak house, as a server. I was a young girl, barely old enough to know better. Turns out the man of my dreams was 10 years older than me, previously married, and separated, not even divorced. But I didn’t care, I loved him. I remember the day he asked me for my number, I remember the day the girl

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We were heading down different paths.

I met my ex-husband at an event we both attended in Dallas, TX and we started dating long distance. I lived in Salt Lake City, he lived in Denver, and the quick one hour flight made it easy to see each other at least every other weekend. I was in love! And he ticked all those little boxes that I had in my mind for my “perfect match.” You know, the perfect on paper guy that everyone else approves of and who will look amazing standing on that altar with you.  Awe the fairy tale.  I moved to Denver after

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For far too long, people have been left to handle relationship turbulence alone. The Nxt Chapter was created as a space and resource for people who are experiencing relationship complications or going through a breakup or divorce. It can be a new beginning of something old, or something completely new. It is about moving forward. It is about growing, and learning from your past to work toward your future.

Our mission is to help everyone make it to their next chapter of life - whether it is with a current lover, a new lover, or no lover at all.


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