One Text Shaped My Whole Life

We met freshman year of high school. She was way out of my league and I never dreamed she would give me the time of day. She initially dated my friend which lead to us talking and texting. Then one day she just texted me that she loved me randomly. I was shocked and over the moon about it. Her and my friend were never serious and I don’t think they even kissed so I didn’t feel too bad. She broke up with him and we started dating. 

In the beginning like so many that fall in love we were extremely passionate. We went through what some might consider normal high school relationship issues. We both cheated and once that happened I don’t know if I was ever the same. By the end of junior year I had broken up with her several times to be with other girls. She always took me back but eventually she decided not to. 

She had decided if I was just going to keep breaking up with her she wanted to spend her senior year single. 

I realized I was being a terrible person when she finally told me I could not just “get her back”. We spent a year apart and she wouldn’t even talk to me. It was a strange year and I believe we both really came into our selves. 

After a year of silence almost like the first time she randomly texted me she loved me I got a text. “I am ready to be with you again”. 

Its funny because looking back I don’t know that we ever really had that much in common but being young and in love. Having things in common didn’t matter at the time, it never even came up. 

We just purely loved each other. 

After getting back together we began the first chapter of our adult relationship. As time went on like almost all relationships – the passion began to fade and we began to fight more. With the puppy love gone we started to see how different we really are. 

Still, at our core we loved each other and after 9 years of being together on and off we were pregnant with our first child. This brought us extremely close as we both had always wanted to be parents and having a daughter made us a real family. 

We were married. A few years have gone by since our daughter was born and now in 6 months we will have a son as well. 

I know the general tone of our story probably has seemed liked we would separate but we haven’t. We do still bicker ( no more than most) but we love our little family immensely. 

We just had our 12 year anniversary recently. 

After all these years I can’t believe a random text from a girl, I never would have had the courage to talk to decided our whole life. 

It is now much more mundane living the adult life , nine to five with children but we are still happy. We try to spice things up every once In awhile and we truly love nothing more than making memories with our little family. 

I think the thing that has kept us together all this time is that we never gave up on each other even through the lowest lows. While things are not perfect I have come to find that no relationship is. We do the best we can and try to take care of each other in this crazy journey. I will forever be grateful this girl texted me “I love you”.

Question: Any advice you would like to share or final thoughts?

 Love people for who they are, not who you want them to be.

-Anonymous, 26

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