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I first met Jeff online on a site called Meetme. We talked on the site for a few weeks and it seemed we would get along. When I felt it was safe for me, I gave him my number.

We texted and talked on the phone for a couple months before we met in person. I was hanging out with a couple friends when he called, and apparently, my face lit up. Carolina (now ex friend) encouraged me to meet him. Hell, she’ll drive. Shannon even agreed.

We picked the club and agreed to pick him up. I don’t ever feel beautiful and I was super nervous that he’ll end up hitting on my friend Carolina. I literally started mentally preparing myself for every scenario I could think of.

We got to his uncle’s and moment of truth. This part is what got me. Have you ever seen the movie Thumbelina? There’s a scene where she doubts her prince is even alive anymore. When he appears behind her and she is uber happy to see him. He actually picks her up, and spins her around and they kiss. This is the best way I can describe this part.

When you have felt so small for your life and someone comes in and make you feel as important as the world. He actually picked me up and spun me around when he first hugged me. He wouldn’t let me go. I felt so special. Our first kiss was in the back of Carolina’s car on our way to the club. We met up a few more times and then he asked me to be his girlfriend!

Things were going really well until our pattern was changed. He usually always calls me in the morning and on his lunch and texts me good night. All of a sudden I didn’t get any calls.

I started to freak out and called my friend because I needed to talk to someone. I told her what was going on and her response was that he was already cheating on me. I waited for that good night text and when I got it, I still felt dirty – like something was wrong.

Our relationship progressed more and then another change happened. I got pregnant. Instead of him being supportive like he said he would, he denied me. He wanted more tests and wouldn’t even pay for them. He accused me of cheating.

The man who told me numerous times that he wanted to have a life with me just accused me of cheating. I decided I would catch him myself . I basically turned into a stalker and when I would confront him about it, i told him my friend caught him.

The man who told me numerous times that he wanted to have a life with me just accused me of cheating.

The arguments continued until one day I went to his place to talk to his cousin. To my surprise, he had two girls living with him! One was his ex girlfriend who had recently broke up with him. We confronted him at the bowling alley by his house. The look on his face was priceless. I couldn’t enjoy it thought. The next day i went to ER. I had lost our Bailey.

We broke up when I got out of the hospital. A month later he remembered he left a leather vest with me. Being a good person I told him the truth. Instead of keeping it like i wanted to, I gave it back in exchange for a note saying how after that, we will never speak again. It’s been almost 6 years now. I went from feeling like I found the one to feeling used and hurt. I was pretty depressed for a long time. Hell, I even stopped playing music.

Then, my daughter happened, and now I couldn’t be happier. 👶❤👣❤

Margaret, 28



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