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Break Up Stories

Send Them Away With Love

Time tells many stories, with multiple scenarios, but only one outcome for this hopeless romantic. I could never get enough of her. The way she

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An Irish Goodbye

Trigger Warning: self harm, drug use, heavy alcohol consumption, and suicide attempt is described in this piece. Aside: the relationships described were nonmonogamous in nature, meaning that the people therein

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The Nxt Chapter

Your new chapter is about a new beginning of something old, or something new. It is about growing, and learning from your past to work toward your future. The NC was created to help everyone find the best tools and resources to make it through to the next chapter. For far too long, people have been left to handle turbulence and changes within relationships alone.

Our mission is to help everyone make it to their next chapter of life - whether it is with a current lover, a new lover, or no lover at all.


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